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Emotional Health

Emotional health involves learning to decrease stress and become attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It involves cultivating an optimistic style of thinking and developing awareness and acceptance of your feelings as well as a capacity to manage them in a healthy way.

• Awareness and ability to manage emotions and behaviors, mostly positive view of self, others, and life circumstances

• Ability to cope with stressors

• Acknowledgment and sharing of feelings

• Enthusiasm about life, self-esteem, self-acceptance

• Optimistic style of thinking

• Independence and interdependence


Emotional Health

What are we doing?

Unionville High School

Student and Staff Wellness

  • Partnered with Longwood Gardens and The Chester County Crime Victims Center to discuss social and emotional wellness with students and staff

Re-engaging and developing student leaders both in formal and informal ways to promote positive messages at Unionville High School

  • Principal’s Advisory Council takes a more prominent role
  • Expanding the SHOC Program to include student mentoring
  • The Unionville Student Athletic Advisory Council (USAAC) was formed
  • A revision to Policy 218 was approved to provide more flexibility for consequences with an emphasis on learning from your mistakes                       
Planning for the implementation of the Lunch and Learn Initiative for the 2019-20 School year
We continue to examine ways in which we can improve each day focused on Student and Staff Wellness! #UHSWellness

Charles F. Patton Middle School

Leveraging Technology to Revitalize the Student Led Conference Experience

  • My Story
  • Enrichment Teachers
  • Evidence of student work and growth

Continuing to Grow Our Patton Pride

  • The Patton Creed
  • Pride Time Activities
  • Banners, Visuals, and Beautification

Examining Advisory & Hawk Time

  • Social, emotional, and academic needs of students

Chadds Ford Elementary

Social-Emotional Growth

  • Elementary Professional Development - How We Learn Book Study
  • Staff and Peer Sensitivity Training in September (CCIU)
  • Crime Victims Unit of C.C. programs (2nd, 3rd-5th grades)
  • Implementation of Executive Functioning Plan at all levels
  • Implementation of Problem-Solving Steps at all levels
  • Implementation of Morning Meetings at all levels
  • Implementation of Growth Journals (pre-first - 5th)
  • Start with Hello Week
  • Disabilities sharing / building an understanding

Hillendale Elementary

  • #HappyHillendale
  • Franklin Institute
  • How We Learn
  • Movement and Mindfulness
  • John Moffet Elementary

Pocopson Elementary

Points of Pride

  • Annual Veterans Day Recognition
  • Annual Grandparents’ Day Celebration
  • Vibrant Parent Partnerships
  • Buddy Class Mentoring
  • Sister-School Partnership - Stonehurst Hills
  • Kindness Club (Kindness is the new Cool)
  • Trout in the Classroom (PA Fish and Game Commission)

Initiatives to Positively Impact School Climate

  • Buddy Classes
  • Mindful Mondays
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Outreach Opportunities - MLK, Sister School, Kindness Club
  • Grade Level Huddles
  • Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  • Wellness Policy
  • “Yet Sensibilities” and Mind-Brain-Education Principles
  • Guidance Curriculum (self-regulation)
  • Phys. Ed. Curriculum (cooperation)
  • Safety Drills / Safety Committee / IMT
  • Staff Wellness Emphasis


Unionville Elementary

Focus Areas and Steps

  • Student Achievement
  • TDA boot camp
  • STEAM station
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan
  • Brain Builder
  • Growth Mindset
  • PD Book Study
  • College and Career Ready
Climate Actions and Success
  • Connectedness
  • UE Way
  • Safety Drills
  • Buddy classes
  • Guidance and P.E.curriculum
  • Mindfulness
  • Great Kindness Challenge
  • Internet Safety lessons
New Actions
  • School Spirit
  • Brain Builder Skills
  • Staff/Student Wellness
  • Class Meetings
  • Table top activities - Safety
  • Growth Mindset
  • The Power of Yet
  • Internet Parent Safety

Our Goal

Decrease Mental Health Stigma


FOCUS presented "What Made Maddy Run?

FOCUS presented "What Made Maddy Run? Pressures, Perfectionism & Depression in Today's Youth."

If you scrolled through the Instagram feed of 19-year-old Madison Holleran, you would see a perfect life: a freshman at an Ivy League school, recruited for the track team, who was also beautiful, popular, and fiercely intelligent. What Made Maddy Run tells the story of Maddy's life and her struggle with depression, which also reveals the mounting pressures young people face to be perfect, especially in an age of relentless connectivity and social media saturation.

Maddy's sister, Carli, talked about Madison's success and then her struggles.   Dr. Renee Cassidy, a Public Health Physician at Chester County Health Department and part of the Chester County Suicide Prevention Task Force presented warning signs and steps to take if you are worried about someone.

For more information please watch the video below.



Dear Parents and Staff,

Recent events both nationally and locally have me reflecting on our students’ experience and wellbeing. It goes without saying that our kids are growing up in a very different world than we did. The advent of widespread internet access and social media have changed the way we communicate, research, and think. While kids experience the same kind of things that we did - the method of delivery is different. Stress and anxiety are compounded by social and academic pressures, managing extracurricular activities, lack of sleep, completing community service hours, and the whole college admission process. The goal of getting into a particular college, program, or workforce can push our kids into overdrive to build an application.  Have we let things go so far that our kids are not enjoying being teenagers?

How do we navigate the very real culture of high expectations? We must make sure that our high expectations are attainable and realistic. We must encourage our kids to set goals that will stretch them while being accomplishable. We must also let our kids know the value of “down time” - reading for pleasure, playing outside, spending time with family and friends - these types of activities give kids the breathing room they need.

We need to help our students build grit and resilience so that they may be successful in life after UCFSD.  Failure and struggle are a very real part of life - we need to foster the coping skills needed for our students to navigate the tough times we all face from time to time.

Despite all of our efforts and encouragement stress and anxiety are still there. We know - from both staff observations and the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) data - that for some students anxiety has led to depression and that is something we are very concerned about.  

We have made a concerted effort to address student wellness within our district including taking steps to improve supports for our students faced with stress and anxiety.

  • We have added additional social worker services at the middle school and high school;

  • The Wellness Council is working on student-based initiatives;

  • Partnering with the Family Outreach Committee of the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District (FOCUS) to provide the community with meaningful presentations on wellness;

  • Mr. Conley and Mr. Dissinger are addressing the PAYS and climate survey data in their annual school action plans;

  • Safe2Say, an anonymous 24/7 tip line to report individuals who may be a danger to themselves or others, was launched this year;

  • UCF now has adopted a mandatory counseling component for all students found to be using drugs;

  • Suicide prevention programs, policies, and training for students and staff have been provided across UCF;

  • Ongoing staff training and professional development featuring recognized experts in the social-emotional growth of students;

  • Lunch and Learn at the high school will be an opportunity for kids to eat lunch in a more relaxed atmosphere.

    At UCF everything we do every day is centered on our students. Their wellness is a key component to their success - and ours. We all thrive when we are all working on making each other better. Let’s combine our efforts so every child knows that UCF has a net to catch them. We appreciate your support and look forward to continue working together.

    Warm regards,
    John Sanville  


UCF Wellness Events