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Mental & Intellectual Health

Mental & intellectual health encourages engaging in stimulating creative and mental activities and developing knowledge and skills. It involves discovering your potential for sharing your gifts with the world in meaningful ways.

• Using your mind to create a greater understanding of yourself

• Discovering your potential and sharing your gifts

• A commitment to lifelong learning, engaging in creative activities, learning new things, expanding knowledge, improving skills, seeking challenges, participating in stimulating creative and mental activities

• Problem solving, critical thinking, adaptation to change


Mental & Intellectual Health

What are we doing?

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and why it matters
Presenter: John Sanville

Does emotional intelligence really matter more than IQ?  And if so, what does this mean for teachers and learning?  
Emotional Intelligence - What it is and why it matters Presentation


UCFSD Elementary Book Study - How We Learn
Our Why......
"Learning is at the core of everything we do in school. From academic, social-emotional, and the physical, understanding how we learn is key to our success as educators" - Mike, Shawn, Clif and Michelle (Elementary Principals)
Book Study Presentation


Our Goal

Increase awareness and understanding of Emotional Intelligence.



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