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Physical Health

Physical health involves decreasing stress as well as developing body awareness, eating healthy foods, developing personal responsibility for your own health, getting adequate sleep, nurturing and caring for your physical being, and engaging in physical activity.

• Health of the body, nurturing and caring for your physical being, disease prevention

• Having a flexible, aerobically fit body

• Implementing regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy diet, rejuvenating the body through rest and sleep, decreasing stress, developing body awareness

• Adopting healthful habits, while avoiding destructive habits






Physical Health

What are we doing?

  • Smoking Cessation
    Schools are in a uniquely powerful position to play a major role in reducing the serious problem of smoking and other tobacco use by kids. Children spend almost a third of their waking time in school and much of the peer pressure kids feel regarding whether or not to use tobacco occurs in school. For UCFSD to effectively prevent and reduce youth tobacco use among our students, we must create an environment that encourages anti-tobacco beliefs and behaviors. Below are helpful resources for our families, students and staff to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking.


Click here to learn more about the UCFSD School Start Time Initiative

Our Goal

Encourage and develop Fitness Mindset.



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