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Spiritual Health

Spiritual health encourages discovering a sense of meaning and purpose and connection with something larger than you. It relates to the capacity of being able to balance your inner needs with the needs of the world.

• Learning how to be forgiving, grateful, compassionate, kinder, and less judgmental

• Feeling connected to others, sharing a common purpose

• Seeking meaning and purpose in life activities

• Consistency between behaviors and values/beliefs

• Balancing personal/inner needs with needs of the world

• Establishing peace and harmony in life


Spiritual Health

What are we doing?

UCFSD Administrators and Faculty participate in the Franklin Institute Master Educator Series, Understanding the Brain, and Demystifying Maker Spaces Professional Development.
Master Educator Program
An in-depth, year-long collaborative cohort program dedicated to empowering educators with research-based knowledge, practices, and a professional network they need to be leaders in their districts and maximize students’ learning.
Understanding the Brain
A dynamic learning series dedicated to empowering educators with critical knowledge in neuroscience to make informed, research-based decisions that advance student learning.
Demystifying Maker Spaces
As a national leader in informal STEM learning, The Franklin Institute our staff in transforming their classroom, library, or community center into a meaningful informal STEM space.

Activate the Brain: Brain-Based Learning Strategies
Presenter: Mike Audevard
Focused on brain-based research and our work with the Franklin Institute, this session will center on understanding and activating all parts of the brain to maximize learning. We will examine the need to create minds-on learning experiences as well as the importance of establishing a growth culture in our classrooms and schools.
Activate the Brain Presentation

Mindful Self-Care for Educators
Presenter: Rebecca Louick
We hear about the benefits of mindfulness practice--improved well-being and even physical health. But what exactly is mindfulness? And how do we incorporate it into our busy day? In this session, you’ll explore 3 simple techniques for bringing more presence into your life, and reap the benefits of this powerful practice.
Mindful Self-Care for Educators

Our Goal

Expand understanding of Growth Mindset



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